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rsymse franchisee is a globally unique organization. Its members are able to access updated modern science new technology tutorials, tips and tools from certified experts. It gives you many other special benefits that allow you to build your business without frustration. And to face any other problems through this franchise, our technical support team gives you 365 days and 24 hours. Whose contact number is 09472420019, e-mail id- support@rsymse.com, www.rsymse.com , www.rsymse.ac.in , www.mseducation.org.in , you can share any information related to your problems with our team. We will be very happy to serve you.


Features Rsymse Learn more about our company and you can learn it all the way. And our company has played an important role in the field of education, using a certain maximum sharp experienced experts in this field and qualified, specialized updates for which our institutes provide a comprehensive library. Our company keeps adding new technology and new technology developed in the field of education day by day. And our company provides timely encouragement to all its students and members. In this way we get a special pleasure in serving our customers. And our team is playing a most important contribution in this service.

Welcome To RSMSE Group Of Educational Franchisee Hub

RSY MAA SARASWATI EDUCATION (Rsymse Siwan Profile Group Of Educational Hub) is a organization that fully dedicated to enhancing education and promoting excellence in the Computer, Digital Classes, Management  and other technical professions.
Provides quality learning aids – including books & CDs – to the students & faculty.
Carries out regular training & certification of its faculty to ensure that they are able to handle even advanced IT topics.
Supports classroom teaching with assignments. 
RSY MS-Education trained students have rocketed from junior executives to team leaders, project heads and management professionals.

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Our companies are in demand with professional training.

Through our company, in the areas of franchise educational, new technical technology is working to provide special facilities to the students.

Mr. SHIV JEE YADAV— Founder & CEO.

Our company is working with an amazing miracle in the areas of this education mission. Through this, we are developing rural and urban areas across India.

Through the educational institute in India, our company is working according to the areas of education through technical technology. And with the coming time, more development is progressing in the field of education. And it is a long education platform in India.

We are working with education development all over India. Our company is always working to provide employment to unemployed persons. And through this, through education, we encourage all types of students according to technical technology. They work to make their life successful and developed by getting more information.


Contact to open a new technical training center for women only.

Look at what our students have to say.

I have received education from this institute. We have got this golden opportunity to get education with them through rsymse.
I think that according to this era in the fields of technical technology education, we have received very good education from this institute.
I have got education through Balaji Computer and Technical Institute under a small branch of this company.
According to the upcoming businessman, according to the future, we should get education of this technical technology. For this reason, we have acquired computer education.

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