Providing Training For Educational Franchise In All Over India In National Level Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, All Computers Courses In Hardware Or Software (Diploma Courses – DCA, ADCA, DTP, DIT, ADIT, PGDCA, DMT, DOA, DEO, DMS, DCHN, DCTT), Tally, COPA, IT Vocational Courses, Industrial Training Institute Courses / Welder / Fitter / Woodworking / Digital Class / Tailoring / Mechanical / Electrical / Mass Communication, Fashion Designing, Beauty Parlors, Mobile Repairing, Plumber, Financial Accounting, Hardware & Networking, Pipe Fitter, Beauty Therapy, Electrical wiring, Industrial Fitter, Turner, Civil Forman, General Diploma, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Automobile, Auto Cad, Draftsman, Surveyor, Mobile Technology, Office Automation, Hydraulic Cylinder and Pump, Carpenter, Motor Binding, Industrial Safety, Continues Casting Machine (CCM), Steel Melting Shop (SMS), Metallurgical Diploma, Motor Car Repairing and Drawing. All Types Of Technical And Technology Educational Courses, / Industrial Safety Management Courses, Sketching Design, Website Design, Digital Learning Programs, All types general couching Centre and digital classes, Franchise provided in any branches of small and big city in India and Small Skill Development Diploma Holder Courses. All Courses Duration Of The Three Months, Six Months, Nine Months, One Year, Eighteen Months And Twenty Four Month’s Courses………….


Course Details of 600 + Courses : –


Software Courses (SC)

DCA, ADCA, COA, CIT, AUTO CAD, 3D MAX, GST, ADCP, ADCAP, DOMA, CCS/CCA, DBP, CCA, CFA, DTP, JAVA More Total 100 Courses. (Course Code – RMSE/SC – 01 to 100)

Hardware Course (HC)

CMT, CCHP, ADHT, DCH, CCHP, CPCAH, ADCHST, DHN, ADHN, ADCHN More Total 100 Courses. (Course Code – RMSE/SC – 01 to 100)

Mobile Repairing Course (mRC)

Advance mobile phone, Software Repairing Special, Chinese Mobile Repairing Courses Oppo mobile ,Realme Mobile , hardware  And Software mobile phone Repairing more total 20 courses. (Courses Code – Rmse/mRc – 01 to 20)

IT & Vocational Course (IT&VC)

Certificate in hand knitting Flat knitting, post graduate diploma yoga , Diploma in housekeeping , Diploma in industry store keeping , Diploma in Civil Building and construction Forman, Diploma in Civil Supervisor Diploma in Retails And Sales Associates, Diploma in Sitar Diploma in welding Technician , Diploma in Travel Business Administration more total 200 Courses. (Course Code – Rmse/IT & VC – 01 t 200)

Server Courses (sec)

Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2008 R2 +2012+Exchange 2010, Server 2008R2, more total 15 courses. (Courses Code-Rmse/sec – 01 to 15)

Top Job Oriented Courses (TJOC)

Mobile Application Developer, database Administrator, Video game Designer, Technology Manager, Computer, Systems Analyst , more total, 60 Courses. (Courses Code – Rmse / TJOC – 01 to 60)

Fashion Designing Course (FDC)

Fashion Designing Courses, (FDC) Diploma in Fashion Designing (DFD), Technology of Garments manufacturing Certificate (Tgmc.) Diploma in Fashion modelling (DFM). Certificate of Fashion & Textile Technology (CFTT) more total 15 Courses. (Course Code – Rmse/FDC-01 to 15)

Website Designing Course (WDC)

Web Designing Course of HTML (WDHTML), web designing of word press (WDWP) Diploma in static website (DSW.) Diploma in Dynamic website (DDW) Diploma in simple ecommerce website (DSEW), Diploma in multi – vendor ecommerce website (DMVCW) Diploma in ERP & HRMS Systems (DEHS) more total 10 Courses. (Course Code – Rmse/wdc – 01 to 15)

Steel melting shope Courses (SMSO)

Diploma in Indication Furnace melting (DIFC) Diploma in Induction Furnace Supervisor Diploma in metallurgical (DM) Diploma Continues casting Machine (DCCM) more Total 10 Courses. (Course Code – Rmse/SMSC- 01 to 10)

Digital electronics And power electronic courses more totals 10 Courses

(Courses code –Rmse/DE&PEC – 01 to 10)

(11.):- Beauty Parlours Courses more total 10 courses

(Courses code – Rmse/BPC – 01 to 10)

(12.):- Industrial safety management course, more total 10 Course

(Course code – Rmse/ISMC – 01 to 10)

(13.):- General Diploma Course more total 05 Courses

(Course Code – Rmse / GDC 01 to 05)

(14) Digital Classes Course more total 15 courses

(Courses code – Rmse/DCPC 01 to 15)

(15.):- Digital Learning Program Courses more 15 Course

(Courses code – Rmse / DL PC – 01 to 15)

(16) :- General Coaching Courses More total 15 Courses.

(Courses code – Rmse /GCC – 01 to 15)